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We are professionals in chess who can help your kids reach next level.

Do you want your kid to become smart in a fun way of learning? Do you want your kid to improve concentration, intellect, planning and Foresight? Does your kid love chess and wants to learn from a PRO?

Time2chess is the complete school of chess offering live chess coaching at locations near you. It’s the perfect way to help your child grow as a chess player and gain valuable experience as they hone their skills.

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A Complete School of Chess

We provide offline and online chess tutoring at venues close to you. It’s the ideal method for assisting your child in developing as a chess player and gaining priceless experience as they sharpen their abilities.

Chess coaches are players with international ratings who have competed for India in both national and international competitions.

Our chess coaches have years of expertise and have prepared students for district, state, and national competitions. There are also trained FIDE-certified Trainers on the team, who excel as mentors and educators. In addition to learning how to play, we’ll help youngsters develop these essential life skills:

-Decision making

Why Time2Chess?

Our chess coaches are International rated players, who have represented India in National & International Chess events. The team also includes certified FIDE Trainers, who are also amazing educators and passionate mentors. They’ll not only teach students how to play, but they’ll also nurture these vital life skills


Problem Solving

Decision Making


We offer the following services

24/7 Online Learning Platform

You can learn anytime from anywhere. The timings are flexible and you can get a personalized assessment.

Offline Coaching

Get to learn everything hands-on. You also get to play a practice match with your peers in Time2Chess School.

Tournament & Event Organizing

Organizing hassle-free and Professional Chess Tournaments


Schools & Academy Learning Programs

Organizing hassle-free and Professional Chess Tournaments

Products & Merchandise

International Chess Boards and premium pieces, DGT Chess Clocks, Books, Score Sheets and more

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