Meet Abhimanyu Mishra, Our Youngest Ever US Chess Expert

Abhimanyu Mishra from New Jersey became the youngest ever expert at the age of seven years, six months and 22 days, beating Awonder Liang’s record by almost six months, who became an expert and eight years and seven days. Abhimanyu broke the 2000 barrier at a quad in Hamilton, NJ and gained some more rating points at the New Jersey Open over Labor Day weekend. Recently, Mishra won the ChessKid National Invitational, despite playing up a section! (He was eligible for the 6 and Under at the time, and played the 8 and Under.) The young record breaker was also featured earlier this year in the New Yorker Magazine, where he was one of the last players to survive in a simultaneous exhibition conducted by Fabiano Caruana, earning the “Fighting Spirit Award.”

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